Health and training is a process that has no end or final destination. Winning over our day requires focus, clarity, patience and as much mental discipline as it does physical. Knowing this shines light on the obvious fact that health of body will determine our level of success. We see the body as a vehicle designed to support our lifes purpose,  the quality of opportunities, and abundance of experiences avaliable are directly affected by our ability to participate and win. True success must start with the body and Pillar exists to lead the way, to show you how. We represent those who relentlessly level up, who are obsessed with their deepest sense of purpose and self defining pursuit to succeed. 


It is common to misinterpret how much food our body needs to function on a day-to-day basis. Ultimately, the way we fuel our body is critical, not just for the goal of improving lifestyle, and training, but to aquire the knowledge to apply for life. We realized a lack of knowing HOW to be a key driver to the growing deeper issue of metabolic disease and fundamentally the catalyst returns back to the management of food and training.


Our purpose grew from an obvious need to introduce simplicity and clarity to dietary programs. We found there to be a lack of quality, simple, step-by-step solutions so we devised a unique and enabling system that works, long term. In pursuit of designing Pillar it was clear that the distinction of knowing WHY is an under statement. Much like the design of a minimal, and applicable program detailing exactly HOW  to be an unparalleled need for people to achieve success. This is the key to living life well, long term!

Our best days come from knowing we are healthy and feeling great and our best workouts come when we have fueled our body well. Having trust, vision, intention, discipline, and knowledge free us to pursue our future with confidence and it is the role of Pillar to lead the way.

The statement Design Yourself is just as much about this mindset as it is about the physical process of creativity. We see challenges not as walls that impede our path, but simple opportunity's for growth that exist to be resolved, and it is through Pillar's process the answer can be found.

“Only through effort can we achieve our goals. Only through a healthy body can we live life well”.




Founder and Master Coach | PILLAR

Coach Somerton is a fitness leader based out of New York. Starting out like most PT’s do, Somerton began his career running circuits, and bootcamps in the park and conducting face to face sessions out of a small niched gym in Brisbane, Australia.

After 10 years of Military service, Somerton became a certified athletic trainer (ATC) where he applied lessons learned from his time spent as both an elite Soldier and Combat Fitness Instructor (CFI) to his new found path.

His thirst for knowledge, attention to detail and appreciation for evidence-based training propelled him into further studies and mentorship programs. Furthering his education with specialty seminars, certifications and workshops, Somerton has studied exercise science, program design, exercise execution, and strength systems for the performance and aesthetic transformation of men and women, from athletes to corporate elites, and those seeking a better quality of life. By providing evaluation of both body mechanics and efficient movement techniques in the training and field environment, Somerton is able to translate a unique value to his programming in a simplistic way.

Somerton has coached many men and women to success focusing on a "less is more" blended health and fitness approach - starting small on something big as he puts health and wellness above all, whilst still delivering winning results.

Somerton’s work is built around creating strong, healthy physiques while improving physical prowess and insight.

  • Using compound lifts and mastering the basics, my clients train following a structured program.
  • With a variety of training methodologies and rep ranges backed by a nutrition system designed to support change, you’ll never get bored!



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